HP Services Media Library

The Partner Services Media Library features animations and videos illustrating service and support procedures for many HP products that are enabled for partner support. This just-in-time training tool allows users to quickly identify and access the information needed to assist with teardown, part replacement, assembly and other common hardware procedures.

   Accessing the Partner Services Media Library (PSML)

The Partner Services Media Library is only available from the HP partner portals.

Important! Use of the Partner Services Media Library by individuals who are not authorized under partner programs is prohibited.

Step 1: Select the link corresponding to your region partner portal and log in with your password.

Step 2: Select the training section
Step 3: Click on “Technical and Presales Training”
Step 4: Click on “Partner Services Media Library” under the “Services & Support” section

If you are affiliated with an HP authorized service partner and do not have access to the “Train & certify” site, review the steps in the Assist Tool at: HP partner/customer assist tool for accessing the learning center

Only HP authorized partners can view and access the link to the PSML from their HP Partner portal. Bookmark the Technical and Presales Training page to make your access faster when you return to the Partner Services Media Library.

feedback: services_media_library@hp.com